Law + Technology + Innovation


Over 20 years ago, in one of the first books to touch exclusively on the topic, our founder Patricia Peck wrote that a new area of practice in Law was emerging driven by technology: Digital Law. Society was changing, and Law would also follow this transformation.

It was not a separate discipline, but an interdisciplinary area, which would involve all areas of Law and permeate all fronts of the business of our clients.

Since then, we have become the pioneer and leader firm in this area that we have helped to consolidate in the private, public and academic sectors in Brazil.

This leadership was only possible with clients who were also looking at the future, and they worked together with a team of lawyers who decided to explore a topic that had not even become a discipline in Law Schools.

From the development promoted together with clients and partners, PECK Advogados is a firm that works by converging these three areas:

Law, Technology and Innovation.

We are a team of lawyers and experts who understand technology and business. That's why we were able to go beyond traditional practice, bringing together different disciplines to enable and leverage the digital innovation and transformation that our clients are looking for.

Innovation and transformation always involve risks. That is why it is essential to be protected, but at the same time to have a strategic partner to help the company look at the future and foresee the opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

When Law goes beyond its own borders and joins Technology to maximize Client Innovation, we know that something new and unique is emerging in the market.


We live in a digital and connected society, with technology intensifying, streamlining and democratizing human relations.

That's why we believe in the practice of Law that joins traditional practices and knowledge and goes beyond, driving the innovation strategy of the companies. The practice of Law that takes into account digital innovation and enables it.


Parceria para o sucesso do cliente

Partnership for Clients’ Success

If our clients are searching for success, we search with them. We believe in long-term relationships. By being close to our clients, we seek to understand their challenges and bring transparent, pragmatic and feasible recommendations to ensure their success.

Diversidade de Pessoas e Saberes

Diverse People and Experience

Using “We” is better than using "I". The greater the diversity, the stronger the team. When people from different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences get together, there is a significantly greater likelihood to solve any complex challenge.

Time preparado, entrega garantida

Efficiency and dynamism

If problems cannot wait, neither can we. We believe that a firm should not only seek to grow in size, but to have a structure capable of responding quickly to clients’ demands, in a close and proactive manner.

Time preparado, entrega garantida

Prepared team, guaranteed delivery

A firm is the sum of its people, and they are responsible for the results we deliver to our clients. We always keep a connected and strong team, with excellent training and world view, and that thinks about results and not just reports.

Conhecimento Avançado e Inovador

Broad and Innovative Knowledge

Who is thinking about laws that have not been written yet? We are always at the frontier of knowledge, providing state of the art work. We study, research and bring the most up to date techniques and approaches to tackle the issues of our clients.

Educar para evoluir

Train to develop

Constant training on ethics and technology creates a more amicable and sustainable social and business environment. We are determined to train people and organizations on the ethical, safe and legal use of technology.

+ assessoria jurídica para inovação digital

+ Legal Advice for Digital Innovation

Our goal is to support our clients' digital innovation journey towards technological transformation, we help both Startups and large national and international economic groups. To do so, we carry out due diligence of their intangible assets to be in compliance with the new regulations. We carry out legal feasibility studies and risk analysis of the projects to support the use of digital signature, biometrics, facial recognition, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, use of data in products and services, in industries ranging from Telehealth to Open Banking.

  • Legal feasibility study and risk analysis of technological innovation
  • Due Diligence of intangible assets of investees
  • Support for new business models, legislative and regulatory monitoring
  • Work together with market regulators such as BACEN, CVM, CADE, ANATEL, ANEEL
  • RelGov - Relationship with authorities - ANPD, SENACON, PROCON, IDEC, MP
  • Legal Operations and Legal Data for Legal Departments
  • Integrated Projects with techniques of Legal Design and Visual Law
+ lgpd e serviço de dpo

+ LGPD and DPO Service

We help public and private clients define their model of Data Ethics and implement the Privacy and Data Protection Program. We consider the context of the Brazilian legislation (LGPD) as well as international legislation. We offer legal advice to develop the management project and the compliance roadmap, to survey the inventory of personal data and we also offer the service of Data Protection Officer (DPO), as well as support with DSAR, the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD) and response to incidents. We also help clients change culture with workshops and training.

  • >Assessment with Diagnosis Report, ROPA, Risk Map and Action Plan
  • >Carry out PIA, DPIA, LIA, Policies and Contracts with data protection clauses
  • >Support to implement the Program considering Privacy by Design & by Default and frameworks like DAMA-BOK
  • >Support to define and develop technology applied to project management
  • >Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Secondment
+ societário digital e contratos de tecnologia

+ Digital Corporate and Technology Contracts

The firm provides support related to corporate contracts involving business or innovation operations and/or use of new technologies, M&A, contracts related to the use of technology in general, as well as, support in mediation and arbitration for conflict resolution.

  • Corporate and Digital Corporate
  • M&A and specialized support for operations involving technology and innovation
  • Technology Contracts and Electronic Contracting
  • ODR and Mediation and Arbitration for disputes in technology contracts
+ propriedade intelectual

+ Intellectual property

We work to protect the main intellectual assets, to avoid exposure, infringement and threats to the Trademark and Reputation of Institutions. We support the legal protection of digital innovation with patent and software registration. We provide consultancy on copyright and image rights and we perform IP due diligence for risk analysis

  • Protecting Trademarks, Patents, Software, Databases, Algorithms
  • Fighting copyright infringement and piracy
  • Supporting technical investigation of software licenses
  • Working together with national agencies INPI, National Library, ECAD and international agencies such as USPTO, among other agencies.
+ cibersegurança e defesa cibernética

+ Cyber Security and Cyber Defense

We provide advice for institutions regarding cyber security compliance and governance, considering new regulations and best market practices, especially in the new context of increase in remote work, use of work from home and cloud. We participate in the Committee and guide our clients to prevent and respond to incidents.

  • Implement and improve the Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Shape Policies, Standards and Procedures according to new regulations, ISO27000-series and 31,000 ABNT, COBIT, ITIL, NIST
  • Support Cyber security awareness campaigns
  • Participate in Committee, Crisis Room, Prevention and Fight against digital attacks
+ inteligência artificial

+ Artificial intelligence

Society is becoming increasingly data-driven and the use of Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of all innovation development in various sectors of the economy. These strategies demand a specialized legal support to assess and check for the legal feasibility of AI projects, considering the increasing use of chatbots, drones, machine learning, databases, as well as to check for issues related to the transparency and ethics of Algorithms.

  • AI risk and legal feasibility study (Privacy Risks, Cyber Security Risks, Ethical Risks)
  • Protection of AI's intellectual property
  • Algorithm Audit
  • Code of Ethics, Contracts, Policy for AI Drafting
+ contencioso digital

+ Digital Litigation

We are always prepared to protect clients from new digital risks and threats, as well as from the effects of data use on legal and business demands. We have a team specialized in digital litigation, with technical and legal training to analyze electronic evidence in matters related to the LGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), to back everything from investigating authorship to fighting electronic fraud. When the incident occurs, it is critical to act quickly. Moreover, legal departments increasingly need to base their strategies on legal data to avoid new incidents and optimize the use of resources.

  • Support in the collection of digital evidence and technical inspections
  • Authorship Investigation and Content Removal on the Internet
  • Legal and administrative proceedings related to the use of data and protection of personal data
  • We fight Fraud, Fake News and Electronic Crimes
  • Incident Response and War Room
+ marketing legal digital

+ Legal Digital Marketing

Communication strategies are increasingly more sophisticated and they need to use technology and data to innovate. To meet this need, we have a team specialized in the legal aspects of digital media use to provide legal support for our clients’ Marketing and Commercial Promotion actions in compliance with data protection laws.

  • Legal feasibility analysis of the digital communication strategy
  • Drafting of Regulations, Contracts, Terms of Use for Image
  • Legal Shielding of Digital Influencers
  • Analysis of the strategy for data use, and of the databases and framework used
  • Fighting Fake News involving Trademarks and Communication Actions
  • Working with authorities such as SECAP and CONAR
+ eleições digitais

+ Digital Elections

We work providing legal advice for Democratic Digital Elections, with preventive actions and measures for risk analysis and crisis management. We take into consideration the need to comply with new regulations on Election Law and protection of personal data and the increased use of technology such as electronic ballots, biometric ballots, social media, agencies who work with fact-checking and fighting fake news.

  • Advice on Digital Elections
  • Content Removal and Crisis Response
  • Guidance on Background Check and Politically Exposed People
  • Social media monitoring and automation for boosting posts
  • Support alongside TREs and TSE
We are a team of over 100 extremely talented professionals dedicated to support the transformation of our clients. Follow our website and meet soon all the people who are part of our Dream Team!
Patricia Peck Pinheiro
PhD., CEO and Founding Partner
Patricia Peck Pinheiro
PhD., CEO and Founding Partner

Lawyer specialized in Digital Law, Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Cyber Security. She has a degree and PhD from the University of São Paulo, PhD in International Law.

International Research Guest at Max Planck Institute in Hamburg and Munich and at Columbia University in the USA. Guest Speaker Professor at Coimbra University Law School in Portugal and at Central University of Chile. Guest Speaker Professor of Cyber Security at the Brazilian Army Intelligence School. Professor of Digital Law at ESPM.

Latin America Max Planck Smart IP Ambassador. Best Lawyer for Intellectual Property Law for 15 years in a row, since 2007.

Received Best Lawyers Award 2020/2021, Leaders League Award 2021/2020/2019, Digital Compliance Award in 2018 by LEC, Security Leaders Award in 2012 and 2015, Best Information Security Professionals in 2006 and 2008, the Academic Excellence Award – Best Professor at FIT Impacta in 2009 and 2010.

She was honored with 5 military medals, the Military Medal Order of Merit of Military Prosecutor in 2019, the Military Medal Order of Merit of Military Justice in 2017, the Military Medal Order of Military Merit by the Army in 2012, the Military Medal Tamandaré by the Navy in 2011, the Military Medal The Peacemaker by the Army in 2009.

Arbitrator of the Arbitration Council of the State of São Paulo – CAESP. Author/co-author of 35 books on Digital Law. President of the iStart Institute of Digital Ethics. She has been a programmer since she was 13 years old. Privacy and Data Protection EXIN Certified.

Antonio Oliveira
Lawyer and partner
Antonio Oliveira
Lawyer and partner

Graduated in Law at the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR), he has an MBA in Electronic Law from Escola Paulista de Direito and LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Contracts from Insper.

He has a specialization in Computer Forensics from the University of Fortaleza and completed the International Cyber Security Law Program at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute - NC.

Certified in Intellectual Property at WIPO/INPI. Co-author of the books Direito Digital Aplicado 3.0, Direito Digital Aplicado 4.0 and Fundamentos dos Negócios e Contratos Digitais.

Caroline Teófilo
Lawyer and partner
Caroline Teófilo
Lawyer and partner

Graduated at Centro Universitário FIEO. Over 10 years of experience in Information Security and Digital Law, working with large technology companies and financial institutions. MBA in Business Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo;

Certified as “Lead Auditor of Information Security”, by PECB, as "Data Protection Officer” by EXIN, and in “Security and Privacy by Design” by IBM. Professor at the post-graduation course in Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing at SENAC, at the MBA in Privacy and Data Protection at CEDIN, and at the DPO Training courses at FIA and FEBRABAN.

Speaker and author of articles, interviews and co-author of the book Direito Digital Aplicado 2.0. and Direito Digital Aplicado 3.0. Certified DPO.

Henrique Rocha
Lawyer and partner
Henrique Rocha
Lawyer and partner

He has a master’s degree in business law at Universidade Nove de Julho with an international term at the University of Corunã/Spain. Graduated in Law at Centro Universitário FIEO with a postgraduate degree in Civil Procedural Law from the same institution.

Specialist in Digital Law and Compliance at Damásio Educacional. Certified by WIPO in Intellectual Property, in copyright by Harvard/ITS Rio and in Consumer Relations by FGV. Privacy & Data Protection DPO certificate by EXIN. Co-author of the book Advocacia Digital (RT).

Co-author of the collective works Direito Digital Aplicado 3.0, Direito Digital Aplicado 4.0 (RT) and Segurança Digital para Empresas (GEN). Member of the OAB/SP Digital Law and Privacy Commission, Subsection Barueri/SP.

Leandro Bissoli
Lawyer and partner
Leandro Bissoli
Lawyer and partner

Graduated at Faculdade de São Bernardo do Campo. He got a postgraduation degree in International Economic Negotiations by Programa San Tiago Dantas.

He has a specialization in International Commercial Policy at Fundação Getúlio Vargas and International Cooperation to Development at University of São Paulo.

Certified by Sun Microsystems in the courses SL-110, SL-275, OO-226, SL-285 and SL-314; ICS Professional by Impacta Certified Specialist; Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques (GHTQ) and Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), architecture and management of databases such as MSSQL, MYSQL and ORACLE, Privacy and Data Protection Foundation by EXIN (Netherlands). Member of HTCIA – International High Technology Crime Investigation Association and the Brazilian Institute of Digital Law (IBDDIG).

Professor of the postgraduation course in Innovation Management and Digital Law at FIA. Co-author of the audiobook Eleições Digitais and the books Direito Digital Aplicado, Direito Digital Aplicado 2.0 and Direito Digital Aplicado 3.0. DPO certificate.

Letícia Málaga
Lawyer and partner
Letícia Málaga
Lawyer and partner

Graduated at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. LL.M in Corporate Law and LL.M in Financial and Capital Markets Law at INSPER. Postgraduation degree in Contract Law at IICS – Instituto Internacional de Ciências Sociais.

Certified as a Business Advisor by the Post-MBA Advanced Boardroom Program for Women – ABPW Saint Paul Escola de Negócios. Lawyer with over 18 years of experience in corporate law, corporate governance, M&A, commercial contracts, investments and capital markets. Throughout her career, she has worked at law firms and was a legal director of large national and multinational companies.

She has extensive experience in business structuring, fund raising and financing, cross-border transactions involving Latin American countries, shareholder representation in corporate matters, investor relations, advice and guidance to Boards of Directors and Committees and development of governance programs, including policies and topics related to risk management - GRC. Member of IBGC – Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa, WCD – Women Corporate Directors.

Lorena Botelho
Lawyer and partner
Lorena Botelho
Lawyer and partner

Graduated at the Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE. LL.M. in Corporate Law at INSPER. Over 15 years of experience in the business sector, in a large law firm, where she worked as a specialist in corporate law and M&A. 

She has worked in the legal department of large companies from different industries, such as energy, telecommunication, technology, and financial markets, supporting business development, as well as, the areas of compliance and data protection. Author of articles and Co-author of the book Direito Digital Aplicado 4.0.

Sandra P. Tomazi Weber
Lawyer and partner
Sandra P. Tomazi Weber
Lawyer and partner

Graduated in Law at Faculdade de Direito de Joinville, which belongs to ACE (Associação Catarinense de Ensino); she has a postgraduation degree in Contractual Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo and in Civil and Corporate Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Paraná.

She completed extension courses on Information Technology Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, and Consumption Contracts and Economic Activity at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in São Paulo. She also has technical training in Computer Science at Escola Técnica Tupy.

Co-author of the books Direito Digital Aplicado, the audiobook Direito Digital Corporativo, the collection Direito e Saúde – 2012 and the book Fundamentos dos Negócios e Contratos Digitais. EXIN Certified in Data Privacy.


We are recognized nationally and internationally by our clients and by the most important publications specialized in the industry for our partners’ excellence and performance.